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    pep人教版六年級英語上冊課堂Unit 6 第六課時練習 聯系客服



    1. 表示情感的詞匯

    _____________________________ 2. 表示感受的詞匯

    _____________________________ 二、單項選擇。

    ( )1. — How________ Lucy feel?

    — She________ afraid.

    A. does; feel B. does; is C. do; feels

    ( )2. — I feel cold.

    — ________________

    A. You should wear more clothes. B. You should take off your coat. C. You shouldn't wear more clothes.

    ( )3. My father is ill. I’m ________.

    A.worried B. be worry C. worry

    ( )4. Zip, don’t _______ angry. Count to ten and take a deep breach.

    A. is

    三、按要求完成下列各題。 1. I fell sad.(對畫線部分提問) ______________________________

    2. We should wear warm clothes.(對畫線部分提問) ______________________________ 3. Tom feels angry.(改為否定句) ______________________________

    4. They will play basketball tomorrow.(tomorrow改為now) ______________________________

    cool angry sorry warm bad happy ill hungry cold sad hot worried B. are C. be


    一、1. 表示情感的詞匯

    sorry worried bad sad happy angry 1. 表示感受的詞匯

    ill hungry cold warm hot cool 二、1. B 2. A 3. A 4. C

    三、1. How do you feel? 3. Tom doesn’t feel angry?

    2. What should you do?

    4. They are playing basketball now.